Worship at MPC strives to be:
  • Welcoming to all people
  • Reassuring, meditative, and educational
  • Carefully prepared and presented
  • Shaped by Scripture, read and proclaimed
  • Reformed and always reforming
  • Rooted in tradition, but never bound by tradition
  • Attuned to the lives and circumstances of our worshipers
  • Musically inspirational

Worship at MPC includes:


Being Gathered and Sent


We gather as a family of faith to praise and worship God in community. We gather around the Word of God to listen for the Spirit’s voice speaking. Through the scriptures read, sung, and proclaimed we are moved to respond through prayer, offerings, and service. We are then sent back out into the world to proclaim  God’s good news   and to share the love of Christ. Our members’ personal relationships with God are also enriched through individual worship practices supported by church-provided resources.


As Presbyterians in the Reformed Tradition, we believe that scripture is the primary way that we come to know who God is for us; through the words of scripture we meet the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ. God speaks through scripture read and proclaimed as well as through silent reflection. We believe that scripture interprets life and life interprets scripture. Scripture comforts, convicts, and instructs our discipleship.


The Lord's Supper is a joyful feast in the presence of our risen Lord. The bread and  juice represent the sacrificial body and blood of Christ and recall the last meal He shared with his Apostles. This symbolizes the New Covenant between God and His people. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has an open table. Invitation to the Lord's Supper is extended to all who have been baptized and hold Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Baptized children,  who  are   being nurtured and instructed in the significance of the Lord's Super, are invited to participate in the celebration of communion.  At MPC, communion is observed on the first Sunday of every month and on other special occasions.


Music is a spiritual experience and an integral part of worshiping God. By incorporating a variety of styles—hymns,  choral, and instrumental pieces—it is our hope that all worshipers find some music meaningful to them at every service. We would love to have you join us in “making a joyful noise unto the Lord.”

Children in Worship

 Jesus welcomed the children to "come unto me" (Matthew 19:14). Therefore, we as a congregation commit ourselves, when we baptize children, to nurture their faith and support their families. That support means welcoming children of all ages in worship. We believe that their presence in worship enriches the gathered community with their sense of wonder and enthusiasm. Together, we have much to learn about the mysteries of our faith. We also provide additional worship options that are age appropriate.

  • Babies and children of all ages are welcome at any worship service. An activity table, with books, puzzles, and crayons is located in the narthex (lobby area) next to the sanctuary, for children who would like to take a short break from the service. Nursery care is also provided by paid caregivers throughout the year for children through the age of 3 (48 months).

  • Kinderchurch is an age-appropriate worship service for children ages 3 through Grade 2. Children attend worship with their parents for approximately 15 minutes, and then move to the Kinderchurch room after the “Time for Children” segment of the worship service. This program follows the lectionary and allows young children to experience worship on their level of understanding. Kinderchurch is not held on those Sundays when communion is served, so that children may experience the communion service, at their parents’ discretion.
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