Three scholarships are available to members of Memorial Presbyterian Church: the Huss Family Memorial Scholarship, the Presbyterian College Scholarship, and the Ellmaker Scholarship. Selection is based on church involvement, community activities, leadership, and academic achievement. Application materials are due by April 15, 2018.

Huss Family Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of the Huss Family Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to individuals belonging to Memorial Presbyterian Church who are pursuing higher education in a college or university. It is intended to help entering college freshmen with expenses related to beginning a college career. Application Form (Word Document) or Application Form (PDF)

Presbyterian College Scholarship

The Presbyterian College Scholarship Fund was created in 1979 by an individual grant of $10,000.00. The intent of the donor is to provide an endowment that will grant funds to students attending an accredited Presbyterian college. Application Form (Word Document) or Application Form (PDF)

The Ellmaker Scholarship

The Ellmaker Scholarship was established to financially assist a person who is enrolled in a seminary program, with the intention of entering a Presbyterian ministry, such as Pastor, Director of Christian Education, Minister of Music, etc. Application Form (Word Document) or Application Form (PDF)