Education for All

We believe that Christian education is a lifelong, spiritual endeavor. Education classes for all ages are offered every Sunday at 8:45 a.m. from September through May. MPC also offers additional opportunities for spiritual nurture throughout the year. Everyone is encouraged to participate in learning God's Word so that we are equipped to live out God's Word in our families, community, and the world.

MPC's children's and youth ministries inspire, engage, nurture and educate children, youth and their families so that they are confident in God's love and grow in their relationship with God and neighbors.


In the Fall of 2016, the Children and Youth Ministry Team introduced a new curriculum, "Growing in Grace & Gratitude." This program is rooted in the foundation of Presbyterian identity, where God's grace and our gratitude are the heartbeat of our faith, life and worship. The lessons taught from 8:45 - 9:45 a.m. for children age 4 - 6th grade on Sunday mornings extend an invitation to discipleship that inspires children to learn and practice hospitality, generosity, and love. These lessons reach beyond Sunday mornings, encouraging children to live their lives as an expression of God's grace.  


Spiritual Quest

Spiritual Quest is  designed for youth who are exploring membership within the church. The confirmation and commissioning process is a significant time in one’s journey of faith. Youth have the opportunity to explore, discover, question, and grow in their faith during this year-long course.

Youth Fellowship

Middle and Senior High youth (those in grades 7-12) gather for fellowship and study on Wednesday evenings from September through May from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at Memorial Presbyterian Church in the Sr. High Room. Additionally, they participate in local and global mission projects throughout the year, including the Youth Sunday Worship Service held in the spring, and a summer mission work trip.


The mission of adult education is to provide a variety of educational opportunities so that all adults can grow spiritually, thus learning and living God’s Word. Bible studies, current issues and faith-related studies are offered throughout the year.


 Are you interested in learning more about the Education Program at Memorial Presbyterian Church?  Just contact the church office via email or telephone