About Us

Memorial Presbyterian Church is a faith community within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). In many ways, we look like every other Christian church – we proclaim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we view the celebration of the Lord’s Supper as the central act of Christian worship, and we look to the Bible for instruction and inspiration.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things about Memorial that set us apart from other congregations. We are excited about these differences and hope that you will find nourishment for your spiritual journey in the unique spirit and programs of Memorial Church.


Our name describes the kind of shared leadership that is the hallmark of Presbyterian churches. “Presbyter” is the Greek work for “Elder.” Ruling Elders are members who, because of their wisdom, faith, and commitment to the work of the church, are elected to serve on the ruling council of the church, known as Session. Session oversees the administrative, financial, programmatic, and strategic planning functions for the church. Together with the pastor, the Teaching Elder, they make up the governing council of the church, known as the Session.

The other council of Memorial is the Board of Deacons. Deacons are members who, because of their compassion, faith, and devotion to the people of the church, are elected to serve on the Board of Deacons. Deacons care for the members during times of joy and sorrow and nurture the experience of "community" within the congregation.


Memorial has a long tradition of engaging worship, vibrant Christian Education for persons of all ages, and passionate ministry to those in need in our community. We strive to lead where the Holy Spirit calls us to be do-ers of God’s Word and not hear-ers only.


We strongly believe that each of us is endowed with talents, interests, experiences, as well as other gifts, and that we are called by Christ to use those gifts to further the work and ministry of the church. We believe that all of us are “ministers” of the church and strive to live out Christ’s call together.


We celebrate two sacraments – Baptism and Communion. Baptism is a public affirmation that God has claimed us as God’s own, without any knowledge or action on our part. In baptism, individuals (or their parents) affirm their desire to become disciples of Christ. Communion is the symbolic, common meal shared by Christ’s disciples. In it, we acknowledge that Christ has made our salvation possible and commit ourselves to being his obedient servants.


All persons, whether they are members or not, are welcome to participate in the life and worship of this congregation and receive its care and nurture.